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Jeebus visits Around This Town, January 15



on Around This Town

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

4:30 pm (est)


Two members of Jeebus, Susan Munson and Lon Tate, will stop by Around This Town on Tuesday, January 15th, for a visit with host Sabra Guzman. The band will be releasing its debut album, Threads, at Plank Road Exchange in Batesville, VA on Saturday, January 19th.

The sound of Jeebus is on the one hand a sort of slightly off-kilter rockin' swing grass alt-country shuffle, and on the other it is the melding of the efforts of three songwriters with a slippery and nimble rhythm section. Songwriters Susan Munson [guitar], Lon Tate [mandolin, guitar] and Tim Ryan [guitar] each bring songs from different musical and lyrical directions to the table, where the band slices, dices and sautes until the notes are tender and the chords are slightly crunchy with complex overtones. The resulting musical stew, built on the foundation of Marc Lipson's bass and Jim Ralstons drums, is sometimes thoughtful, sometimes humorous, occasionally romantic, other times political, and always memorable ... and quite suitable for dancing and singing along.

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