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Jonny Corndawg LIVE on The Cosmic American Jamboree

Jonny Corndawg LIVE
on The Cosmic American Jamboree
Thursday October 27, 2011, Noon-2pm

Jonny Corndawg

In town for a gig later in the evening at Al Hamraa, Country singer Jonny Corndawg will pay a visit this Thursday to Lonesome George on The Cosmic American Jamboree. Knowing George as we do, there will be just a dash of conversation in between some great live music.

Jonny Corndawg CD

Jonny Corndawg is a country singer, not a singer-songwriter. Born in Montana, raised in rural Virginia, Corndawg has been touring on his motorcycle since he dropped out of school in 2001. He's played shows in every U.S. state, Canada and eleven European countries, Australia, Argentina and India. But you won't find him on CMT. His music is more in the vein of that obscure '70s gay country that housewives would discover on a Bear Family reissue in twenty years. In addition to pursuing the lost art of the Real Deal, Corndawg is an airbrushing, leather-working, marathon-running, truck-driving American. Born and Bred.

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