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New Classical Program: "The Listening Room"

Thom Pease is the host of a new program on WTJU called "The Listening Room", which can be heard on Wednesday evenings from 7-9 pm, starting February 2. The show will feature music of the last 110 years from Debussy to the present. It will be a place where listeners can hear the latest works of the classical genre, as well as the masterpieces and forgotten byways of the last century. Thom plans to play artfully composed music which cuts across nationality, ethnicity, race, and gender, and highlighting composers who are working right now. To that end, he will also feature interviews with people in the community, touring artists, and experts from the university and beyond.

Thom Pease

Thom spends his days cataloging sound recordings as an audio archivist for the Library of Congress's center for audio-visual conservation in Culpeper. He has worked for many public radio organizations including WETA (Washington, DC), WFIU (Bloomington, IN), and National Public Radio. He joined the WTJU classical department staff in October 2010.

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