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Ursula and Stephen Goadhouse on Atlantic Weekly Pt 1

Ursula and Stephen Goadhouse
on Atlantic Weekly Pt I
Saturday September 3, 2011, 8am

Urusula and Stephen Goadhouse

Steve Kindig welcomes Ursula and Stephen Goadhouse to Atlantic Weekly I on Saturday September 3rd to share their music and news about their upcoming 8 pm show at the Crozet Mudhouse on September 17th.

Ursula is a local singer-songwriter whose music has been described as “great heartfelt passionate songwriting that will stir your insides” by Danny Schmidt. Stephen plays lead guitar, acoustic bass guitar, steel guitar and Strumstick. Together they weave sound and story of loss, love and hope.

The proceeds for the Mudhouse show and the sales of their album, “Love is Medicine”, go to to help offset the cost for supportive therapies for their son, Rumi, who has autism, Downs syndrome and hearing impairment.

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