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Gabriel Bol Deng Interview on Sunset Road

Interview with Gabriel Bol Deng
on Sunset Road
Friday March 18, 2011, 6pm

Gabriel Bol Deng

Gabriel Bol Deng, one of the 'lost boys' of South Sudan, talks with Pete Marshall on Sunset Road at 6pm this Friday, March 18, about his experiences escaping two civil wars on foot, coming to the USA, and about founding the organization 'Hope for Ariang', which is bringing education, wells, and empowerment to his hometown in the fledgling country of South Sudan.

"Hope for Ariang" is the beneficiary of the concert that WTJU is co-presenting with 'Stand Up Charlottesville' on Friday March 25 at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, with Irish supergroups Dervish and Lunasa.

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