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Folk & Beyond Special Programming

Folk & Beyond
  Special Programming
Thursdays, 5-7 PM, March 11 thru April 8, 2010

When I auditioned for the part of Fred "Pap" Rose for the upcoming Live Arts Production of Hank Williams: Lost Highway, I didn’t really expect to be cast, and was quite surprised when I got the call from the director, Fran Smith, that she would like me to take the role. What a challenge and learning experience this has been. Hank Williams and his music has always fascinated me, and now even more so. The show’s run will take me away from hosting Folk & Beyond for a five week period. I wanted to provide a special run of programming for you, the listeners, in my absence, and have enlisted an all-star cast of WTJU announcers from our diverse departments to each take the music "beyond" in their unique and special way. Leading off this stellar line up of announcers is a man that has no limits to his musical palate, Larry Minnick. Not only does he host the wonderful Wednesday morning Jazz show, Left of Cool, he can often be heard broadcasting Indy Rock during the marathons, and there is no equal to his taste when it comes to subbing a Folk show. The run continues with the special daughter/father team from the Classical department, Penelope and Thann Ward. Penelope hosts Just a Few Friends every Sunday evening, and Thann is a super classical sub. The talented Courtney Coker of Ye Olde Tuesday Night Rocke Show is the Rock representative, and Brian Keena, Friday mornings Jazz Messenger, will bring the goods on April 1 - no fooling! The run will be capped off by the distinctive style and magnificent delivery of the "host and selector" of Reggae Vibrations, the one and only Goldfinger! Thank you for listening, and please tune in and enjoy these keen perspectives as they provide a twist to Folk & Beyond that will surely be special. This is Aer Stephen, "speakin’ for myself and all the boys, sayin’ if the good Lord’s a willin’ and the creeks don’t rise, we’ll be seeing ya ‘fore too long."

~ Aer Stephen ~
March 11 - Larry Minnick
Jazz (Left of Cool - Wednesday 9 AM - noon) & Rock and Folk super sub

March 18 - Penelope Ward - and Thann Ward
Classical (Just a Few Friends - Sunday 7 - 9 PM)

March 25 - Courtney Coker
Rock (Ye Olde Tuesday Night Rocke Show - Tues/Wed 11 pm - 1 am)

April 1 - Brian Keena
Jazz (The Jazz Messenger - Friday 10:30 am - noon)

April 8 - Goldfinger
World (Reggae Vibrations - Friday 2 - 4 pm)

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