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Alex Caton LIVE on Folk & Beyond, April 19




on Sunset Road April 6, 2012

and Folk & Beyond April 19, 2012

While in the midst of a tour through the Mid-Alantic, Alex Caton will grace the WTJU studios twice in April.  First she will stop by Sunset Road on April 6 for a visit with host Pete Marshall.  Then before her concert with the Swayback Sisters at the Mockingbird in Staunton on April 20, Alex will swing by for a chat and live music with Folk & Beyond hosts Peter and Anne on April 19.

Alex Caton made her home and spread her roots in Gordonsville, Virginia when she came to the University of Virginia to pursue a Doctorate in Anthropology.  Her studies may have brought her to the Commonwealth, but it was the countryside and strong musical community that kept her here.  Having lived, taught and performed in other centers for traditional music, including Upstate New York and Asheville, NC, Alex felt that the heartbeat of Old Time or Appalachian music (a direct descendent of Irish music which was an early passion of Alex’s) pulsed stronger in the foothills of Virginia than anywhere else.  Within the first year of arriving in Central Virginia, Alex was an integral member of the traditional music community and also an ambassador and liaison between the worlds of Irish and Old Time music.

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