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Alex Caton and Ned Oldham Seek Out The Cuckoo's Nest on this year's Folk Marathon, May 2





WTJU Folk Marathon

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

8-10 pm (edt)


Coming up on the third day of this year's Folk Fundraiser, Alex Caton and Ned Oldham – nationally and internationally known musicians who currently reside in the Charlottesville area – as they seek out The Cuckoo's Nest: traditional versions and innovative interpretations of timeless songs, with particular attention paid to the songs featuring the cuckoo, including the secret of the cuckoo and the nest of the same. In iterations ancient, modern and in the misty regions in between, Alex and Ned will be playing music from Irish, English, Scottish and American sources, from singers and seekers new and old, from the annals of folklore to top of the pops.

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