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2005 Spring Marathon

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91.1 FM -WTJU's first Multi-format Music Marathon!

Beginning April 1st, the programs you look forward to each week will no longer be completely pre-empted for a fundraiser by another music department. You can instead tune in to your favorite show in its usual time slot for special programming by the regular host. This Marathon will be fresh and different, while retaining the best elements of past marathons. There will even be a Folk/Americana Mini-thon on Saturday April 9th, followed on Sunday the 10th by an all Rock Mini-thon.

Of course, our all-volunteer announcing staff will be asking for your financial pledges as in past marathons. As you are deciding how much you can afford to donate for this fund drive, keep in mind that WTJU will now come to you with hat in hand only twice a year, rather than four times. We know that our loyal listeners and those of you discovering the joys of 91.1 FM for the first time will help us reach our goal of $50,000 over this ten-day period.

As for the programming, April 1st -7th expect the best of our weekly classical, jazz, folk, rock, roots, blues and world music shows in pumped-up special Marathon versions. On April 8th, 9th, and 10th, various announcers will host programs outside of the regular schedule, much as we have done in past marathons.

It's the best of both worlds! As always, we will bring in guest hosts from the community, plus applaud the return of past announcers. These include Jim Schneider (reprising his Zebra Club show); Mare, who will join Rebecca for an exciting episode of Walk Right In; Brandy joining Larry for one of their popular Train Song shows; and Rob Sheffield returns from New York and VH1 to help out with Don & Tyler's Dylan show!

Last, but hardly least, WTJU is pleased to announce that we are now webcasting our signal live! If you are outside of the formerly limited range of WTJU during the fund drive, please visit our streaming audio page and follow the instructions for hearing us online.

So turn the page and begin your exploration of the many great shows you'll hear during this fundraiser. Thanks for listening and supporting with your donations one of the few stations left in America where the announcers get to choose the music you hear, rather than a number cruncher at a corporate headquarters somewhere in another part of the country. By all means enjoy the music, but please remember what WTJU means to you 365 days a year, and consider making a generous pledge to support our mission.

You may call 434-924-3959 during the marathon, but why not mail a pledge form now? Then sit back and enjoy all the great music coming your way.

Thanks to the following for assistance with this marathon: Tim Snider, David Eisenman, Gary Funston, Matt Combs, George Dayton, Matt Best, Bridge Cox, Gayle Poirier, Jane McDonald, and Rob Nowicki.Thanks also to Brian Jones for his t-shirt design.

Happy listening!

Chuck Taylor
General Manger, WTJU

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