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2004 Folk & Roots Music Fundraising Marathon
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Press Release

2004 Folk T-Shirt


Spring is in the air and it's time for the annual Folk & Roots Music Fundraising Marathon! We hope this year's lineup will dazzle you with diverse music programming both recorded and live from our studios and the Prism Coffeehouse. In return, we ask you to give your financial support to WTJU, one of the last outposts of free-roaming radio programming in the country. We also encourage and challenge you to spread the word by telling your friends about the marathon and the special programming we have to offer.

We're blessed with such wonderful volunteers at WTJU, and I would especially like to thank Rebecca Foster for this year's wonderful t-shirt design. I'd also like to thank Mare Hunter and George Dayton for their tireless help, and the WTJU office staff. Most importantly, I'd like to thank you, the listener, for your generous support of WTJU both financially as well as the letters and calls we get throughout the year. Without your help we couldn't continue. So take a look at this lineup, tune in to all your favorites, give us a call at 434-924-3418 and tell your friends!

Matt Combs
Folk & Roots Music Director

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