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WTJU Classical Marathon 2001

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Classical Marathon 2001 - Dec 9-16

Marathon Schedule
Sun, December 9th

Mon, December 10th
Tue, December 11th
Wed, December 12th
Thu, December 13th
Fri, December 14th
Sat, December 15th
Sun, December 16th

There is no tshirt for this marathon.
Instead we have mugs
available for a $30 donation and various other premiums.

Call up and Make a Pledge
(434)924-3418    (434)924-3959

Welcome to the 2001 WTJU Classical Music Marathon. Each December the Classical Department at WTJU has the pleasure of bringing you programming of a variety and quality that you can hear nowhere else. Our regular listeners know that we take a different approach to presenting classical music. All of our announcers are volunteers, and we choose the music we program. We believe in what we play, and we only play the finest performances of complete works. Other stations choose their classical programming by formula and according to what radio consultants recommend. We devote whole programs to early music, chamber music, and sometimes challenging contemporary music, the kinds of music that other stations avoid. We present complete operas and vocal music all year round, unlike any other station in this area.

This year for the first time we are presenting five shows devoted to live performances from our own studio. You will agree with us that our own community has fine performers, both student and professional, whose music needs to be heard on the radio. In addition, you will hear programs as varied as the breadth and scope of classical music itself. We invite you to browse the schedule, but by all means listen and enjoy! The Marathon could not be presented without the help and support of some very special people. Many thanks and our appreciation go out to Grady Lewis for locating merchants to provide premiums, Jim Gibson of Gibson Design Associates who provided us with graphic artwork, the Contessa and John Mitchell who arranged for our live performers, Naxos Records for its generous underwriting support, and Winston Barham and Paul Ferrer for their advice and counsel. They have done their part, and now it's your turn. Putting on the Marathon is a lot of fun for us, but it is also a huge undertaking. We do it for you, our listeners, and to encourage you to call or write us with your generous pledges of financial support. Classical music is disappearing from radio, but you can do your part to keep it alive and vibrant in Central Virginia by making a pledge. While you are listening to us, we want to hear from you. Enjoy the Marathon and give us a call!

Tim Snider
Classical Director

2001 Marathon Schedule


6-10 The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach

Deborah Murray

Join us to hear the wondrous music of perhaps the greatest composer who ever lived.

10 -12 From Russia, With Love

Andrew Pratt

Join host Andrew Pratt in a spine-tingling Romantic encounter with Tchaikovsky, Glazunov, Rachmaninov, and other Russian masters.

12-6 Sunday Opera Matinee: Don Carlo

Ann Shaffer

A classic performance of one of Verdi's best and grandest operas. This thrilling masterpiece is drawn from Schiller's tragedy and is based (loosely) on history. This broadcast continues WTJU's year-long salute to the centennial of the death of Verdi, Italy's greatest composer of romantic opera.

6-8 King of the Americas

Michael Latsko

The reigning monarch of music offers a cavalcade of music that sings of the patriotic and the pompous written by North and South American composers.

8-11 A Few Friends Get Requests

Winston Barham

Throughout the year, the hosts of Just a Few Friends have brought you chamber music of the highest quality. Join Winston for a special request edition of Central Virginia's only chamber music program. Make your request when you call in to pledge. Pre-pledges and requests are welcome!

11-1 Piano Music of the 20th Century Masters

Deborah Murray

Piano music of Bartok, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Janacek and others. Tune in for a rollicking tour of piano music of these and other 20th century masters. Music that is exciting, and sometimes challenging, to keep your pulse going in the late night hours.

MON. DEC. 10

6-10 Mosaics: A Birthday Edition

Ethelbert Nevin

Our Ethelbert turns five and invites you to tune in to this special four hour edition of Mosaics, celebrating the wonder and joy of Monday mornings with music seasoned by the American and English landscapes. Experience the lyrical sounds of Gaubert, Finzi, Vaughan Willis, Moeran, Ravel, Barber, and Diond.

10-12 Haydn Revealed

Ralph Graves

Colleague of Mozart, teacher of Beethoven, Haydn was the most important composer of his day. Join the radio star in a quick overview of the man who invented the string quartet and made London audiences swoon!

12-12:05 Natural History Note


12:05-2 Fellow Cellos

The Contessa

Feuermann, Fournier, Piatigorsky and Casals are legendary virtuosi from the golden era of cello playing. Later masters Rostropovich and Rose make the cut, too. Listen, and appreciate the expressive possibilities of the most melancholy member of the viol family.

2-4 The Merry Widow

Sheila Ann Hardaway

Operetta comes in many forms but none more delightful than this evergreen 1905 work by a master of the genre, Franz Lehar. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf sings to perfection the leading role of the rich widow whose inherited fortune is not only sought for the benefit of the fatherland but also by Graf Danilowitsch who is secretly in love with her. Misunderstandings and Lehar's famous melodies abound.

5-7 Italian Food for the Soul

Sandy Snyder and Ray Winters

In Italian cooking it's antipasto to ziti, the A-Z of Italian food for the body. In early music, Italy gave the world musical soul food. Tune in for a program of Italian early music that will fill your mind and soothe your soul.

7-10 Character Pieces

The Contessa

18th- and 19th-century composers evoked moods and scenes in little instrumental pieces with descriptive titles, short lyric piano pieces, songs without words and brief tone poems. We sample this vast trove of Romantic sound painting, and examine some lineal antecedents and descendants.

10-10:05 Natural History Note


10:05-1 Beethoven, Alpha and Omega

Derek Furr

A study in contrasts, this show surveys the master's earliest and last works.

TUE. DEC. 11

6-10 Handel Choruses

Burke Morton

Handel gave us Messiah, but he also gave us a catalogue of works as long as Bach's, and almost as varied. Tune in to hear coronation anthems and choruses from Handel's operas and oratorios.

10-12 The Latin Voice

Ann Porotti

Music for the voice and instruments, with a distinctly Latin accent. Jazz announcer Ann Porotti presents her favorite classical vocalists in the Latin repertoire.

12-2 American Landscape: Music of Grofe, McDowell, Copeland

Bob Taibbi

Our land and its beauty has inspired several American composers. We hear three who described with sound the textures, colors and majesty of the American landscape.

2-4 Widor Away from the Organ

Burke Morton

Discover the "other" music of the man known chiefly for his organ symphonies. Choruses, violin sonatas, symphonic works--there is much to discover!

5-7 Once More, With Feeling

Andrew Pratt

Experience the tender side of composers caught in the crossfire between Romanticism and Modernism, with works of Ravel, Scriabin, Debussy, Sibelius, and other conflicted craftsmen.

7-10 O, Mr. Bass Man

Ann Shaffer and Tim Snider

Operatic sopranos and tenors usually get the meatiest roles on stage (and the juiciest headlines offstage), but there's a lot to be said for "lower" voices--bassos, mezzo-sopranos, and contraltos. We bring you some of the best of the deeper voices of the recording era. Tell us your favorites when you phone in your pledge.

10-1 Spotlight on Randall Thompson

Winston Barham

Although his choral works are well known, Randall Thompson (1899-1984) deserves a closer look. The head of the University of Virginia's music department during World War II, Thompson also composed symphonies, chamber music and other works. Join Winston for a sampling of the more obscure works of Randall Thompson, plus all the favorites... and maybe a few surprises.

WED. DEC. 12

6-10 Morning Mozart

Ralph Graves

Who needs coffee when you've got Mozart to get you moving? The Radio Star makes waking up a pleasure thanks to some of the sunniest music to come from Wolfgang's pen.

10-12 J.S. Bach LIVE!

The Contessa

Local violinist Tim Summers performs the Bach Partita in b minor for solo violin, comments on Bach performing styles over the decades, and brings news of the Charlottesville Chamber Music Festival.

12-2 Bellini Tribute

Ann Shaffer

WTJU salutes the bicentennial of the tragically short-lived (1801-1853) Vincenzo Bellini with two hours of some of the most beautiful music ever written for the human voice.

2-4 Gallic Voices

Burke Morton

Hidden in the recesses of choral literature are great works by French composers--tune in for choral majesty by Debussy, Ravel, Faure, Saint-Saens and their contemporaries.

5-7 Classical Czech

Bob Taibbi and Jay Kardan

The music of Smetna, Dvorak, Suk, Janacek -- the Moldau, the Slavonic Dances --each composer drawing his inspiration from the land of his birth. A study of contrast and culture.

7-10 Hot New Music

Brian Malone

Tune in for a special Marathon edition of "Wet Ink", dedicated to exploring the hottest new music. We'll feature the best works written/recorded in the last five years. Composers will include Adams, Ades, Danielpour, Kernis, and more. If you love classical music, you owe it to yourself to keep up-to-date.

10-1 Say It With Flowers

Andrew Pratt

Follow host Andrew Pratt as he leads you down the garden path to the strains of De Falla, Kalinnikov, Sibelius, and other botanical healers.


6-10 Friends Who Never Fail

John Mitchell

Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Dvorak, and Gershwin: composers we return to time after time. Their works are familiar, well-loved, and often played, but always new. John Mitchell reviews works by these composers and those of their friends. Hear music by old friends whose vision, spirit, and love of life refresh us every time.

10-12 Past Meets Present

Ethelbert Nevin

Imagine the wisdom of Sviatoslav Richter, the skill of Andrei Gavrilov, the delight of Handel's 18th century keyboard suites, and the power of the modern piano. Enjoy this exhibition of the classical past meeting the musical present.

12-2 Rite of Strings

Matt Combs and Larry Minnick

Join in on this hoedown as Matt Combs and Larry Minnick bring two hours of artists crossing between the worlds of Classical and Folk music. You'll hear recent releases from Yo-Yo Ma, Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer, and Mark O'Connor, plus more Classical-Folk fusion from the TJU vault. Guaranteed to be a journey your ears will love.

2-4 LIVE From Our Performance Studio

Tim Snider

Cello-Violin Favorites. Two principals of the Charlottesville and University of Virginia Symphony, Paige Riggs, cello, and Katherine Winterstein, violin, play some of their favorite duos, ranging from Corelli to Ravel and Kodaly.

5-7 Wild about Wild


For more than seventy years, pianist Earl Wild has blended technical control, emotional spontaneity, and responsiveness to idiom. It's been said of Wild, "He's the incarnation of Rachmaninov, Lhevinne, and Rosenthal rolled into one!" From Frederic Chopin to Richard Rodgers, join us as we survey the vast and scintillating performances of America's most engaging pianist.

7-8 LIVE From Our Performance Studio

John Mitchell

An Evening Serenade, with Peter Richardson, guitar, Dave Kannensohn, clarinet, and Margery Katz, flute. It's the perfect time for an evening concert of Tarrega, Brouer, Villa-Lobos, and music with a Brazilian touch.

8-11 Johannes Brahms: the Last of the Greatest

Jay Kardan

Schumann called him "the young eagle."  Hans von Bulow made him the third "B" with Bach and Beethoven. He excelled in every genre but opera and died the king of European music. Tune in for a survey of the master's music. From the Hamburg upstart to the grand old man of Vienna, Jay will guide you through four hours of masterpieces from all genres. Call to make a pledge and vote for your favorite Brahms composition.

11-1 American Tonalists

Brian Malone

In the wake of Charles Ives, America began to develop a homegrown symphonic tradition. Tune in for the music of the first generation of American symphonists: tonal, sentimental, exuberant, and patriotic. Featured composers will include Harris, Schuman, Hanson, Copland, Diamond, and Bernstein.

FRI. DEC. 14

6-10 Exotica


Satisfy your wanderlust and revel in the meeting of East and West. Join Francesa for a tour of music by Western composers contemplating the color, beauty, and strangeness of the Orient and other distant lands.

10 -12 Centenary of Music and Song

Ethelbert Nevin

Gerald Finzi would have been 100 this year. This English composer, also of Jewish and Italian heritage, provided the 20th century some of the most beautiful and memorable vocal and instrumental music ever heard. Join Ethelbert as he remembers his hero in composition, style and song.

12-2 Zephyrus Christmas Show

Sandy Snyder

Join us for a program of Renaissance motets sung by Charlottesville's local early music vocal ensemble, Zephyrus. Chosen from two CD's featuring the music of blockbuster composers such as Josquin des Prez, Palestrina, and Gabrieli.

2-4 Pierre Boulez

The Contessa

During his long career as conductor and composer, Pierre Boulez has been both vilified and adulated. Now at the peak of his popularity at age 77, he has returned to performing and recording the standard symphonic repertoire. Hear some of his recent recordings with the Vienna Philharmonic, and savor some of his own brilliant compositions.

5-6 Charlottesville High School Orchestra String Quartet LIVE!

The Contessa

The burgeoning talents in Laura Thomas's remarkable string program at CHS pay a visit to our studios. Give them a hand, please!

6-7 Gems of the Italian Baroque

Michael Latsko

Enliven your drive home to start the weekend with some of the finest examples of music of the Italian Baroque-Vivaldi, Corelli, and Geminiani, just to name a few.

7-10 Great Pianists

Deborah Murray and Jay Kardan

Marvel at the pyrotechnics of the greatest pianists. We invite pianists, teachers, and students to listen and make pledges for their favorite artists. We'll hear a personal choice of virtuosi from Argerich to Zimerman (with a few dazzling lesser-knowns along the way), playing the showiest compositions for the most versatile of instruments.

10-1 Arvo Part

Brian Malone

Cool down with the music of Estonian composer Arvo Part. We'll sample Part's secular and religious music, from the relatively grand gestures of his early career to the monk-like tone of his recent "religio-minimalism." Tune in for the music of contemplation.

SAT. DEC. 15

6-10 Four Play

Rita Barton

Rita presents four glorious hours of musical quartets spanning four centuries! Choral, string, wind, brass, and percussion ensembles give us a glimpse of music making at its best, in intimate settings. Set your alarm Friday night to wake up to a morning of beautiful music--Ancient, Early, Baroque and Classical.

10-2 English Anthem

Michael Latsko and the Contessa

Join Michael and the Contessa as they celebrate the rich, melodious outpouring of choral music from the English Isles. Music of Taverner to Tavener and most luminaries in between.

2-2:05 Natural History Note


2:05-4 Early Song and Dance

Sandy Snyder and Ray Winters

Join us on a festive journey of songs from the earliest Medieval troubadours and minstrels to the Italian Madrigals of Monteverdi and the English lute songs of John Dowland. Tap your happy feet to dances from Praetorius' Terpsichore to the courtly dances of the 17th century and the country dances of France and England.

4-6 Great Moments on the American Musical Comedy Stage

Eric Motschenbacher

Broadway's most memorable show stoppers enliven your Saturday afternoon.

6-7 LIVE From Our Performance Studio

John Mitchell

A Little Night Music with Philip Clark. Composer, conductor, violinist, and keyboardist, Philip Clark plays original music, cantata excerpts, and seasonal carols.

7-10 From The Archives

Francesca and Tim Snider

We hear selections from the 78 rpm recordings of UVA's Rene Muller Collection. Some of these recordings have never been reissued, and all of them are definitive and memorable.

10-1 The Contemporary String Quartet

Derek Furr

A look at transformations in this subtle medium over the last 50 years.

SUN. DEC. 16

6-10 Christmas Music Through the Ages

Deborah Murray

Music to put you in the spirit of the season, as we survey Christmas music from medieval times to the present.

10 -12 Feeling the Spirit

Shawn Felton

Join Shawn for a special edition of "In the Spirit" with two hours of the African American Spiritual interpreted and delivered by leading soloists, choirs, instrumentalists and classical legends Marian Anderson, Jessye Norman, Kathleen Battle, and Barbara Hendrix.

12-6 Sunday Opera Matinee: Les Troyens

Tim Snider

Classical themes meet French Romanticism in this, the finest but infrequently staged Hector Berlioz opera. We hear a spectacular new recording, featuring Berlioz specialist Sir Colin Davis conducting Ben Heppner, who leads a cast of great singers.

6-9 Handel's Messiah

Ralph Graves and Winston Barham

Classical Music Marathon 2001 concludes with our annual broadcast of Handel's Messiah. Sing along and call us with those last-minute pledges.

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