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In Memory of a Judderette

In Memory of a Judderette

on Induced To Judder
August 15th at 9:00pm
with David Eisenman and special guests

I have been doing Induced to Judder radio show for seventeen years, and during some of those years I was blessed to have a pair of fellow showmates that loved the same New Orleans based music as I. They called themselves the Judderettes and otherwise known as Janet King and Marilyn Wright. They would alternate weeks with me, cover shows when I couldn't, and would come join me for special programming affairs such as marathon shows or New Orleans Tribute Week shows. Their opening theme song was Ernie K-Doe's "Here Come the Girls" and boy did they have a blast together on the air talking about acts they had seen at Jazz Fest, or experiences they had while visiting the Crescent City along with new and interesting music they had brought back. Marilyn would usually be the silly one and Janet would play the "straight guy," but with that wonderful Betty Boop-like voice that makes me smile just to think about it.  They would have fun on their shows and we all felt the joy as we listened to them do their shtick. But as time went on work schedules changed and Janet got sick. It didn't keep her out of the studio and we would do an occasional special show together. Most recently, the Judderettes would sub the Wild Women Get the Blues show for Sandy Snyder.

Now she is gone but never will be forgotten. I will miss Janet but I am very blessed to have been a part of her life and involved in fostering her passion for the music. She will live on with us in our loving memories of times together and that voice over the airwaves.

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