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The Green Boys stop by Folk & Beyond, May 30



on Folk & Beyond

Thursday, May 30, 2013

4:30 pm (edt)



The Green Boys will stop by WTJU Thursday, May 30, for a visit to Folk & Beyond before their concert that night at the Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville.  They are bound to play a few off their latest release, Oh Delia.

The Green Boys are a four-piece band based out of Richmond, Virginia. Equally mislabeled as bluegrass, folk, or honky-tonk, the boys sometimes mention the idea of being a part of a “country-revival”. It’s a half-serious notion that nonetheless approaches the crux of the band’s complex sound.

The Green Boys are led by brothers Sean and Ryan Green, each a songwriter coming from and delivering their own unique lyrical and melodic styles. Yet like the Louvin, Delmore, or even today’s Avett Brothers, the distinction between the two voices is grounded by a blood harmony, their edges blending towards a commonality.

Rounded out by the talented Mike Emmons and Zack Miller, the band’s live show is a trek through low-tempo lap steel melancholies, banjo and mandolin barnstorming, and jug band sing-alongs. All the while, their well honed hooks tend to catch the ear. The Green Boys flirt with many genres, yet the focus never strays far from their goal. The melody, the lyric, and the feeling assembled into the band’s small contribution to what they feel is a national revival of a simple ideal: the songwriter is the singer, the sound is the way it feels, the lyrics, simple too, are the way it was and is.

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