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WTJU celebrates 1000 Wednesdays of non-repeat classical music on "Gamut"

Since July 11, 1991, Ralph Graves has been hosting a morning classical music program called Gamut on WTJU 91.1 FM. This Wednesday, May 22, marks his 1,000th episode, and you're invited to join us for an on-air celebration at the WTJU studios.

We aim to raise $1,000 to celebrate Ralph's 1,000th show. Help us with your donation!

See, Ralph isn't just a long-running announcer. His show Gamut abides by a unique requirement: he only airs a work once. And for 1,000 episodes, that is exactly what Ralph has been doing. As he explains:

So once I aired Beethoven's 5th Symphony, that was it -- you wouldn't hear it again on Wednesday morning. Yes, I know that Karajan's performances of the work are different from Furtwangler's, or Klempler's, or Bernstein's, or many other orchestras and conductors, and that each interpretation offers some variety in the listening experience.


I wanted to do a true survey of classical music, and the only way to do so was to keep myself moving forward. With all the classical music from the early Middle Ages through today to choose from, I didn't think I'd run out of works to air. And twelve years later, there's still plenty to share.

This Wednesday, May 22, Ralph will continue his broad survey of classical music with the 1,000th episode of Gamut. You're invited to stop by between 6 - 9 a.m. at the WTJU studios - located in Lambeth Commons on the grounds of U.Va. Click here for detailed directions. We'll be celebrating the occasion with coffee, pastries, and a few on-air surprises.

And be sure to support your favorite community radio station with a donation, as we raise $1,000 for the 1,000th episode of Gamut. Give now online or call 434-924-3959 during the show.

One Thousand Shows is cause for celebration!  We hope you can join us on Wednesday.

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