Peyton Tochterman & Gary Green on Around This Town, Oct 21


of Man On A Horse

on Around This Town

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

5 pm (edt)

Man on a Horse

Peyton Tochterman and Gary Green of Man On A Horse will stop by the WTJU studios on Tuesday afternoon, October 21, for a visit to Around This Town.  The full band will performing the following Saturday night, October 25, at The Southern in Charlottesville.  You can listen to their visit on-line using our new player.

Man on A Horse is the brain-baby of drummer Stuart Gunter. He called up his buddies bassist Randall Pharr, harmonicist Gary Green, and guitarist and songwriter Peyton Tochterman in order to put together a quartet that explores American Roots Music and songwriting and presents original music in a fresh but classic way. Pharr is a master of the upright. And American Roots UK calls Gunter “an excellent musician.” Green actually beat Blue Traveler’s John Popper in The Harmonica World Championships in Germany. As for Tochterman and his songs, Maverick Magazine calls him a “skillful song poet” and Vintage Guitar Player says his playing “demands attention.” All that aside, this is a band you can still just “kick back and drink a cold beer to. ”(Peyton’s Mom) Their music is purely American, certainly Virginian, and it is honest, bold, and uncompromising.