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WTJU Program Guide: Tuesday Programs

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sleepless slumber party
When: Tuesday 01:00
Hosted by: DJ Nazty and DJ L$
Categories: Rock
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Stay stoked and subvert sleep with sensual and sassy super sounds for your sonic subceptors. Get your sound fix, no matter what it is. Hip-hop, house, chillwave, punk rawk... no parents, no rulez.
PRX Remix
When: Tuesday 03:00
Categories: News/Public Affairs
PRX Remix is for people who love to listen to great stories. We handpick the best short works from independent radio makers on, and from podcasters everywhere. Then we mix it up for you in a never-ending stream.
La Belle Musique
When: Tuesday 06:00
Hosted by: Elizabeth Benzinger
Categories: Classical
Playlist Archive
Always great performances of the finest in classical music, together with reports of weather and events from town and gown, help start your day with uplifted spirits.
When: Tuesday 09:00
Hosted by: WTJU staff
Categories: News/Public Affairs
Tune in to Soundboard, WTJU's discussion program about news, culture, and community issues in the Charlottesville area. The Tuesday edition of Soundboard features BackStory, with the American History Guys, produced by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.
Rhythm & Romance
When: Tuesday 10:00
Hosted by: Charles Peale
Categories: Jazz
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Post-war Pop featuring vocal and instrumental recordings from a time of optimism and opportunity... Ella, Sarah, Tony, Mel, Rosemary and Frank...
Eclectic Woman
When: Tuesday 12:00
Hosted by: Rebecca & Eileen
Categories: Specialty
Links: Facebook
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The only radio program in Central Virginia that features women's music exclusively, Eclectic Woman spans all musical genres and the globe with a variety of rich perspectives. Expect a fresh and tantalizing musical menu of singer-songwriters, women of color, and womyn's music, spiced liberally with traditional, blues, world, jazz, rock, avant-garde, and instrumental music. The Eclectic Woman show also features music and occasional news updates which specifically serve the gay and lesbian community.
Ye Olde Tuesday Afternoon Rocke Show
When: Tuesday 14:00
Hosted by: Dave & Courtney
Categories: Rock
Playlist Archive
"we are but simple travelers who seek the enchanter who lives beyond these woods--" Tune in for our musical wanderings.
Around This Town
When: Tuesday 16:00
Hosted by: Sabra or Caragh
Categories: Folk
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Join Sabra or Caragh on Tuesdays from 4-6 pm as they throw their musical nets over the acts coming to the Central VA area, and try to pull some of them in for live appearances before their concerts. They might even share a few of the new releases that have come into the station.
A Time for Singing
When: Tuesday 18:00
Hosted by: Ann Shaffer
Categories: Classical
Playlist Archive
Great singing is always the main feature as Ann Shaffer offers the finest in solos, duets, ensembles and choruses from the recital tradition and the world of opera.
Loose Threads
When: Tuesday 20:00
Hosted by: Tim Beeghly & Gerald Watts
Categories: Jazz
Playlist Archive
Featuring modern and mainstream jazz, including bebop, hard bop, funk, avant-garde, and European jazz. You will hear the cutting edge of today's jazz artists while celebrating the masters of the past and the tasteful experimentation of the future.
Cadmium / The Hip Replacement
When: Tuesday 23:00
Hosted by: with Jeremy / Steve S. (alternating)
Categories: Rock
Playlist Archive

Come experience the full range of sound in the vast genre of Metal. From its birth in the 1960's through today, from popular to obscure, Cadmium explores the entire spectrum. Join me on this journey into the the realm of METAL!

The Hip Replacement: 65% to 85% electronic music.

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