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WTJU Program Guide: Monday Programs

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Bull in a China Shop
When: Monday 01:00
Hosted by: Rob D. and Amanda
Categories: Rock
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Late night rock to start your week off right. Rob and Amanda run the gamut; old and new, from laid back indie jams to total sonic annihilation. Put on your red shoes kids, it's time to dance the blues!
PRX Remix
When: Monday 03:00
Categories: News/Public Affairs
PRX Remix is for people who love to listen to great stories. We handpick the best short works from independent radio makers on, and from podcasters everywhere. Then we mix it up for you in a never-ending stream.
When: Monday 05:00
Hosted by: American History Guys
Categories: News/Public Affairs
Dawn's Early Light
When: Monday 06:00
Hosted by: John Delehanty
Categories: Classical
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Start the work week on a classical note with Dawn's Early Light . Dawn awakens with Bach then moves through an array of periods and styles, never forgetting the musicality of the human voice.
When: Monday 09:00
Hosted by: Lewis Reining & Susan Gravatt
Categories: News/Public Affairs
Tune in to Soundboard, WTJU's discussion program about news, culture, and community issues in the Charlottesville area. Whether we're talking about city politics, scientific innovations, or the local music scene, you'll get to hear in-depth discussion about stories that matter. The Monday edition of Soundboard is hosted by Lewis Reining and Susan Gravatt, and is a production partnership between WTJU, Charlottesville Tomorrow, and C-Ville Weekly.
The Jazz Messenger
When: Monday 10:00
Hosted by: Brian Keena
Categories: Jazz
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The depth, diversity and often contrasting ideas of jazz & blues programming is reverently represented each Monday morning with an emphasis on hard bop, modern, soul jazz and scrapyard blues, as well as a sampling of current releases and reissues. Brian invites you to take a full, deep breath and begin your week on the downbeat with one hundred twenty minutes of hedonic tones, jazz classics, featured artists and organized chaos.
Soulful Situation
When: Monday 12:00
Hosted by: Rum Cove
Categories: Blues
Playlist Archive
From the Dixie-fried sounds of the Southern soul centers of Muscle Shoals, Memphis, New Orleans and Shreveport to the Uptown Rhythm and Blues shots from the Northern cities of Chicago, Detroit, New York and Philadelphia, Rum Cove puts you in a Situation that is Sooo Soulful!
The Broadcasting System
When: Monday 14:00
Hosted by: Smilin' Tyler and DJ Hummingbird Feeder
Categories: Rock
Playlist Archive
It's about getting into it. Lightning Bolt gets into it, and so do Tony Conrad and Stereolab. Ralph Peer recorded Jimmie Rogers and the Carter Family getting into it in Bristol. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is all about it. They get into it in the forests of Bali and they surf slack-keyed on it in Hawaii. It's called transport, and only music - every kind of music - does it for me. How about you? Two hours spent deep in it, with Tyler.
Back Up and Push
When: Monday 16:00
Hosted by: Annette & Sandy G
Categories: Folk
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Back Up and Push! Every Monday afternoon from 4-6 pm Sandy and Annette look back at Bluegrass and Old Time tunes of yesteryear, and push forward to the music of today and tomorrow. Along with traditional Bluegrass and Old Time, we?ll throw in some Folk, Local Favorites, plenty of Live In-studio performances, and the latest news of festivals and other venues for live music. So buckle up for the ride on Monday afternoons from 4-6 with the best picking and strumming around on Back Up and Push!
Folk Dance Calendar
When: Monday 17:56
Hosted by: Brad Sayler
Categories: News/Public Affairs
A listing of traditional dance activities in the WTJU listening area... New England contra dancing, square dancing, English, Scotch, Irish, and International folk dancing are a few of the many different forms of folk dance available in and around Charlottesville. Also airs Saturdays at 10am
The Early Music Show
When: Monday 18:00
Hosted by: Greg Cox & Cinder Stanton
Categories: Classical
Playlist Archive
Journey back through eight centuries before the time of J. S. Bach with the first-millennium troubadours and the meditative, sacred music of Hildegard; the sublime motets of Josquin and the foot-tapping dances of Praetorius; the rich English anthems of William Byrd, and much more.
Anything Goes
When: Monday 20:00
Hosted by: Steve H & Sean
Categories: Jazz
Playlist Archive
The broad range of that modern music we call jazz is all subject to exploration. Expect a sampling of classic jazz, post-bop, standards, contemporary jazz, and new releases with a smattering of avant-garde and even electronica. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue may all be found on Anything Goes .
Adrenaline Nightshift
When: Monday 23:00
Hosted by: Joy & Caroline R
Categories: Rock
Playlist Archive
Electrical noises. Shouting. Classic indie rock. Rap. Oldies. Singing saws. Country dubstep. Dad rock. Atonal blues. Freak folk. Garage. Proto-punk. Post-punk. Psych-punk. Holy Money and Scaroline can never decide what they like the most. There's no high like this.

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