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2007 Spring Fund-Raising Marathon

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91.1 WTJU-FM 2007 Spring Marathon

Ten days of music and special guests... [top]

...are headed your way! WTJU brings you a five day excursion into the depths of Rock and Indie followed by five days of Folk & Americana! In addition to the 10 straight days of music, we will have several guest performers including Morwenna Lasko & Jay Pun, Alligator, and a number of local singer-songwriters performing during Eclectic Woman. Also featured are our news and public affairs shows and a special Naturalists' Roundtable with special guests!

WTJU is unique among most radio stations today in that our announcers program their own shows. The opportunity to explore and present any and all of the music the world has to offer makes for some very interesting programming indeed. We believe our listeners expect surprises, and anyone who has tuned in for any length of time will tell you they heard something new every day. The depth of musical knowledge of our announcers and support staff, and the music collections they bring to WTJU's programming, are the currency we trade with you, our listeners, with the understanding that our volunteered time and resources will elicit your financial contributions to keep the music loud, clear, and free of commercial announcements. Join us in supporting - in any way that you can - live, locally-produced, world-inclusive broadcasting. Call with your pledge to 434.924.3418 or 434.924.3959. You can also listen, see our schedule, donate, or drop us a line at Happy listening!

- Mare Hunter, staffer since 1983

Rock [top]

This is a year of major milestones for WTJU and the Rock Department - the 'teej turns 50 and the Rock Department celebrates 30 years of fundraising marathons. We rockers feel that this year's marathon really represents the strengths of our department.

We've built a tremendous roster of DJs and behind-the-scenes help - special thanks to Nick, Morgan, Jordan, Nate, and Roger - and our department really feels like a Community of friends and supporters. Matt and I are also celebrating anniversaries with the department - combined, we've been involved for more than 10 years! This will be our last year as director and directress, respectively, although we'll remain closely involved with the station and the department.

To celebrate the thirtieth year of rock marathons, we've tried to return to the old marathon format as much as possible. As a station, we've been rethinking our fundraising strategy and trying many new formats. Many of us, though, fondly recall marathons past, and wanted to recreate that feeling in this anniversary year. So, this installation of the WTJU marathon will include five days (April 13-17) of rock-only programming.

- Brandy Savarese & Matt Best, Rock Directors

Folk [top]

Now that you're ready for Folk programming, don't leave Rock and Roll behind. James Brown, Gram Parsons, Dave Matthews and Irma Thomas are among the genre-bending artists we have to offer during our turn at this fundraiser festival. Tune in for some great Live broadcasts, a Naturalists' Roundtable (in which we'll explore how to live well), and a wealth of great adventures in folk music of different times and in different countries. You'll hear mariachis, accordions, barroom philosophers, gospel and reggae.

Thanks to everyone - our listeners, our underwriters, our behind-the scenes volunteers and librarians, and the University - without all of whom we would not be nearly as vibrant and interesting.

- Mare Hunter, Folk Director

Benefit Event [top]

WTJU Benefit: April 21st @ 9pm
Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar will host a dance party featuring WTJU rock djs including Atom, the CEO, Burly Burl, and djs from the Beard Hour and Fredonia. Proceeds to benefit WTJU.

WTJU is owned and operated by the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia.
The opinions expressed by announcers or guests on WTJU are not necessarily the opinions of WTJU or the University of Virginia.