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Adrienne Young & Little Sadie on Jumpin' on the Bed

Adrienne Young & Little Sadie
on Jumpin' on the Bed
Saturday, March 4, 4-5:30PM

Adrienne Young and her band, Little Sadie, will perform on Jumpin' on the Bed on March 4, prior to their Gravity Lounge appearance.

Adrienne Young and Little Sadie fuse traditional country music and bluegrass to create an old-time sound that both respects tradition and engages modern listeners. Young's songwriting skills are very strong, as evidence by her winning the Songwriting Contest at Merlefest in 2003, and an excellent cast of musicians recreate old time melodies, rhythms and harmonies to tell the tales she writes. Traditional songs are also part of the mix,from reinvented fiddle tunes to classics like Soldier's Joy, updated but still relevent and - best of all - fun to listen to. She and her band have released two CDs to date, Plow to the End of the Row and The Art of Virtue, both on her own Addie Belle label. The first one, produced in 2003 with borrowed money and an advertising budget of $500, was one of only two indie releases to chart in the Americana Top 40 that year, demonstrating that her music only needed to be heard to be successful. More information about Adrienne Young & Little Sadie is available at

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