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The Fox Hunt live on Atlantic Weekly Part I

The Fox Hunt
live on Atlantic Weekly Part I
Saturday, March 22, 2008 9-10AM

The Fox Hunt's "Nowhere Bound" - Going Somewhere Special

"Nowhere Bound", the first album by Martinsburg West Virginia band The Fox Hunt, is a remarkable achievement. Self-produced by the four member band (guitar, fiddle, banjo and stand up bass), it stands head and shoulders above most other new acoustic releases of the past year. It's music that is authentically rooted in the traditions of Appalachia yet contemporary in its sensibilities - a combination few artists can master with success. That's not the only balancing act The Fox Hunt pulls off. The songwriting, for instance, is exceptional in its ability to combine unpretentious simplicity with breathtaking originality. The band's harmonies are fine and delightful even while the subjects of the songs - betrayal, addiction, depression and religious hypocrisy, are anything but pretty. As an example, one song, "Murder in My Heart" tells the story of a jilted lover who plots the murder of his former girlfriend (a repeated theme in traditional blues and folk music) but is so completely immobilized by depression that he's unable to get off his couch and actually commit the crime. The story of this descent is told with lyrics like this:

I traded in my hammer for a pistol and a rope
I traded in my nails for a bottle and a smoke.
Every time I get chance
I think about the county line
There's murder in my heart
All I'm killing is time.
It is this sort of tension, between perception and reality and what is said and what is known, that is the glue that cements a disk full of well crafted songs. So many new acoustic releases struggle to be creative only to miss the mark. In "Nowhere Bound", The Fox Hunt is daring enough to examine not always comfortable subjects in combination with comfortable playing and singing. The result is one of the most original, creative and successful folk and roots releases of the last year.

The Fox Hunt can be heard in bars and coffee houses around West Virginia and Tennessee, in the Washington DC metro (Shady Grove) and here in Charlottesville on WTJU - Saturday March 22nd at 9:00 AM for a live broadcast and that evening at Fellini?s.

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This review was written by Mark Haskins, co-host of Atlantic Weekly Part I heard on Saturday Morning from 8 to 10.

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