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Announcers' Fave Music 2005

Announcers' Fave Music 2005



Grandpa Ulysses Ezekiel "Grandpa" Coles
of Radio Wowsville (sundays 11pm-1am)
SightingsArrived in Gold, Arrived in SmokeLoadso nervous man nervous
BroadcastTender Buttons Warpit has your ice cold analog synths
Anthony and the JohnsonsI Am A Bird NowSecretly Canadianheart breaking torch songs
as yet to be identified latin songvideo has people having a bad day... anyone know what it is?
LCD Soundsystems/t DFAdance of the mad bastards
LungfishFeral Hymns Dischordboom thwack repeat + gnosticism = spine tingling sermons
v/aPre-War RevenantsRevenantit has your ice cold NuGrape
SunnO)))Black OneSouthern Lorddoom like a million orcs... are you Frodo enough?
EarthHex: or Printing in the Infernal MethodSouthern Lordsurprising western ambience from heretofore thud masters

Timothy Conlon of Can't Say I've Heard It (Tuesdays 2-4pm)
Detroit CobrasBabyBloodshot
LowlightsDark End RoadDarla
GravenhurstFires in Distant BuildingsWarp
RoyksoppThe UnderstandingAstralwerks
ZincsDimmerThrill Jockey
RosebudsBirds Make Good NeighborsMerge
Ready MadeAll the Plans RestingWhere are my records
Billy CorganThe Future EmbraceReprise
Secret MachinesThe Road Leads Where It's LedReprise
Trembling Blue StarsThe Seven Autumn FlowersBar None

Scott Matthews of Jedi Mitch (Tuesdays 11pm-1am)
The BatsAt the National GridMagic Marker
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani DiabateIn the Heart of the MoonNonesuch/World Circuit
v/aDark Holler: Old Love Songs and BalladsSmithsonian Folkways
Susan Howe & David GrubbsThiefthBlue Chopsticks
BiosphereDropsonde LPTouch
v/aAmerican Primitive Vol. 2Revenant
Giuseppe IelasiGesineHapna
Marcus Schmickler & John TilburyVarietyA-Musik
Six Organs of AdmittanceSchool of the FlowerDrag City

Tom O' Halloran of Timecube Radio (Wednesdays 1-3am)
Chad VangaalenInfiniheartSub Pop
Rogue WaveDescended like VulturesSub Pop
Death Cab For CutiePlansAtlantic
Wolf ParadeApologies to the Queen MarySub Pop
Iron & Wine/CalexicoIn the ReinsOvercoat
My Morning JacketZRCA
John VanderslicePixel RevoltBarsuk
DeerhoofThe Runners Four5RC
Clap Your Hands Say Yeahs/tself
Nada SurfThe Weight Is a GiftBarsuk

Nate Millington of the Beard Hour (Fridays 1-3am)
borisakuma to utasouthern lord
akron/familyangels of lightyoung god
omvariations on a themeholy mountain
young jeezylets get it: thug motivation 101def jam
sunn 0)))black onesouthern lord
Six Organs of Admittanceschool of the flowerdrag city
coco rosienoah's arktouch and go
paul wallpeople's champSwishahouse/Asylum/Atlantic
growinghis returntroubleman unlimited

song of the year: Three 6 Mafia feat. Eightball & MJG with Young Buck "Stay Fly"
Jeff Carlin of Black Circle Revolution (Mondays 2-4pm)
okayhigh roadabsolutely kosher
bonnie prince billysuperwolfdrag city
drakkar saunadrakkansasaunamarriage
castanetsfirst light's freezeasthmatic kitty
okaylow roadabsolutely kosher
m. wardtransistor radiomerge
black mountainblack mountainjagjaguwar
devendra banhartcripple crowXL
mountain goatsthe sunset tree4AD
six organs of admittanceschool of the flowerdrag city

DJ Arthur Function of Radio Freedonia (Wednesdays 11pm-1am)
The EvensThe EvensDischord
M WardTransistor RadioMerge
Of MontrealThe Sunlandic TwinsPolyvinyl
Boards of CanadaCampfire HeadphaseWarp
LCD  SoundsystemLCDCapitol   
Nouvelle vagueNouvelle Vague Luaka Bop
Super Furry Animals Love KraftXL/Beggars US
Andrew BirdMysterious Production of EggsRighteous babe
SpoonGimme FictionMerge
Animal CollectiveFeelsFat Cat
DangerDoomThe Mouse and the MaskAdult Swim
Benjamin Biolay A L'origine EMI Int'l

DJ Artur Function's top 5 reissues
Pep laguara & TapineraBrossa D'AhirDiscMedi!
Luiz Bonfalive in Rio 1959Smithsonian Folkways
Travis BiggsChallengeSoul Jazz
Bob DylanNo Direction HomeColumbia
DungenTa Det Lungt

Gary Slater (Rock Department assistant extraordinairre)
Akron/Family/Angels of Lights/tYoung God
Oxford American CompilationOxford Americanself
Hudson BellWhen the Sun is the MoonMonitor
King Holla Holla and the Oh Shit DogsLeapin' LizardsKavanaugh
Johannes KeplerHarmonicus MundiPamlico
The TimewriterPaintboxPlastic City
Paul McCartneyChaos and Creation in the BackyardCapitol
Stevie WonderA Time 2 LoveMotown
Animal CollectiveFeelsFat Cat
Devandra BanhartCripple CrowXL

Evan Cunningham of C'mon if You're Comin' (Saturdays 1-3am)
EdanBeauty and the BeatLewis
Pete Philly & PerquisiteMindstateEpitaph
Silver JewsTanglewood NumbersDrag City
Amadou & MariamDimanche a BamakoNonesuch
DJ Muggs/GZAGrandmastersAngeles
Black MountainBlack MountainJagjaguwar
QuasimotoThe Further Adventures of Lord QuasStones Throw
Lightning BoltHypermagic MountainLoad
Richard BonaToto Bona LokuaSunnyside
Juelz SantanaWhat the Game's Been MissingDef Jam

Brandy Savarese (Rock Depatment directress)
the oranges bandthe world and everything in itpolyvinyl
spoongimme fictionmerge
black angelss/t eplight in the attic
black mountains/tjagjaguwar
american analog setknow by heartarts and crafts
wolf parade apoligies to the queen marySub Pop
clap your hands say yeahs/tself
nada surfthe weight is a giftbarsuk
teenage fanclubman mademerge

Matt Best of Robot Sanctuary (Thursdays 11pm-1) and the "best" damn assistant director ever
Boards of CanadaThe Campfire HeadphaseWarp
Black DiceBroken Ear RecordDFA/Astralwerks
Songs of Green PheasantSongs of Green PheasantFatCat
IsoleeWe Are MonsterPlayhouse
AFXAnalord 01-11Analord/Rephlex
Kallikak FamilyMay 23rd 2007Tell-All
Various ArtistsSpectral Sound, Vol. 1Spectral Sound

Matt Simon of Nocturnal Transmissions (Mondays 11pm-1am)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeahs/tself-released
Of MontrealSunlandic Twinspolyvinyl
Stephen MalkmusFace the TruthMatador
Sufjan StevensIllinoisAsthmatic Kitty
DeerhoofThe Runners FourKill Rock Stars
CaribouThe Milk of Human KindnessLeaf/Domino
LCD Soundsytems/tDFA
SmogA River Ain't Too Much To LoveDrag City
Calexico/Iron and WineIn the ReinsOvercoat
Iron and WineWoman KingSup Pop
Animal CollectiveFeelsFat Cat

honorable mentions
Boy Least Likely ToThe Best Party EverToo Young To Die
Pajos/tDrag City
PelicanThe Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the ThawHydra Head
WilcoKicking TelevisionNonesuch

Matt Pysher (former department DJ)
The GunshySoulsLatest Flame
Wolf ParadeApologies to the Queen MarySub Pop
Clap Your Hands Say YeahS/Tself released
Sleater KinneyThe WoodsSub Pop
Xiu XiuLa Foret5RC
DeerhoofThe Runner's FourKill Rock Stars
Mt. EerieSingersPW Elverum & Sun
The Hold SteadySeparation SundayFrench Kiss
Black AngelsS/TLight in the Attic

Mike Parisi of Can't Say I've Heard It (Tuesdays 2-4pm)
DeerhoofThe Runners FourKRS
Sufjan StevensIllinoisAsthmatic Kitty
The Fiery FurnacesRehearsing My ChoirRough Trade
Devendra BanhartCripple CrowXL
Kanye WestLate RegistrationRoc AFella/Def Jam
BroadcastTender ButtonsWarp
Animal CollectiveFeelsFat Cat
Black MountainS/TJagjaguwar
Giant DragHearts & UnicornsKickball

Danny Shea of Hard Soft (Saturdays 2-4pm)
R KellyTrapped in the Closetsony
CaribouMilk of Human KindnessDomino
Band of BeesFree the BeesAstral Works
Devendra BanhartCripple Crowxl
Animal CollectiveFeelsFat Cat
Quintron & Miss PussycatSwamptechTigerbeat
Rah BrahsWhohMlovitt
Sufjan StevensIllinoisAthsmatic Kitty
Dirty ThreeCindertouch & go
OOIOOGold and GreenThrill Jockey

DJ Poubelle of Radio Freedonia (Wednesdays 11pm-1am) and winner of "Most Articulate" department assistant
M.I.AArularXL/BeggarsA taut, sinewy predator of an album. I surrendered to its razor teeth and discovered it just wanted to dance.
DungenTa Det LungtKemado (2005 rerelease)Psychotropic? No dude, psychoarctic! I surrendered to its retro charms and discovered it just wanted to melt my face.
Petra HadenPetra Haden Sings the Who Sell OutBar NoneAn utter joy, proving that a capella actually doesn't have to suck horribly. Who knew?
The EvensThe EvensDischordThe Quietest Punk Record Ever. Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ian MacKaye. Take a bow, Amy Farina.
Super Furry AnimalsLove KraftXL/Beggarssee below
Teenage FanclubMan-MadeMergeWay-unobjectionable? Super-competent? Faint praise aside, here's solid songwriting from bands experienced enough to respect the skill. As the titles collectively suggest, come to think of it.
Voxtrot"Start of Something" from Voxtrot EPCult HeroAustin kids edge perilously close to OC territory, but this was the joyful jangle of 2005.
Stereo Total"Do the Bambi" from Do the BambiKRSSilly Europop perfection. Let's be friends, please.
Sufjan Stevens"Come on! Feel The Illinoise" from IllinoisAsthmatic KittySo he's a wimp. This was epic.
Black Mountain"Druganaut" from Black MountainJagjaguwarBang your head gently.

mallory o'donnell of more than midnight (mondays 1-3 am)
Jamie LidellMultiply Warp
Hot ChipComing On Strong moshi mosh
The Juan MacleanLess Than Human Astralwerks
Richard HawleyColes Corner Beggars
Out HudLet Us Never Speak of it Again Kranky
Bloc PartySilent Alarm Vice
KaosHello Stranger Studio K7
LCD Soundsystems/t DFA
MIAArular XL/Beggars
Four TetEverything Ecstatic Domino

Morgan McLeod of Robot Sanctuary (Thursdays 11pm-1am) and RPM Director for Life
Jeremy EllisThe Lotus BloomsUbiquity
MonolakePolygon CitiesMonolake / Imbalance Computer Music
Bebel GilbertoRemixedZiriguiboom
Nostalgia 77The GardenUbiquity
Beat PharmacyEarthly DelightsDeep Space Media
Lali PunaI Thought I Was Over That: Rare, Remixed And B-SidesMorr Music
L'usineSerial Hodgepodge (actually Nov 2004)Ghostly International
Boom BipBlue Eyed in the Red RoomLex
Thievery CorporationThe Cosmic GameESL

Dominic DeVito of Pure Easy Listening (Wednesdays 2-4pm)
Jamie LidellMULTIPLYWarp
Sleater-KinneyTHE WOODSSub Pop
Jennifer O'ConnorTHE COLOR & THE LIGHTRed Panda
Six Organs of AdmittanceSCHOOL OF THE FLOWERDrag City
MetropolitanTHE LINES THEY GET BROKENCrank! Automotive


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ComposerWorkLabel / IDComments
Cecilia BartoliOpera proibitaLondon B0005151Spectacular singing from one of opera's brightest current stars.
Hamelin Romantic Piano ConcertosHyperion CDA 67508 Romantic concertos by Rubinstein and Scharwenka, beautifully played
WagnerTristan und IsoldeEMI Classics 55806The last studio opera recording, with Domingo, Stemme, Pape, and Pappano
Ormandy Glorious Sound of Christmas CBS Masterworks MK 06369Christmas music, immaculately played by the Philadelphia Orchestra and Temple Choir
Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker Philips 2PH 462114A recording this good is the only reason for another one; Gergiev and the Kirov Orchestra
Strauss DaphneLondon B0005182Luscious singing by Rene Fleming and Johan Botha; recording has good presence
BeethovenPiano Sonatas Vol. 1ECM New Series B0005071Playing of the highest order by Andras Schiff; waiting for the next volume
RachmaninovPiano Concerto No. 2DGG B0003902Powerful live performance by Lang Lang, with Gergiev conducting the Kirov Orchestra
Rachmaninov Piano Concertos 1 & 2 EMI Classics CDC 74813Highly refined performance by Leif Ove Andsnes and Pappano conducting Berlin P.O.
Vivaldi The Four Seasons London B0005298Beautifully recorded, with Janine Jansen; beware: only 37 minutes of music!
BrahmsMusic for Piano & CelloArtistled 10501-2Expert recording, superb performances by David Finckel and Wu Han
Higdon City ScapeTelarc SA 60620Spano conducts the Atlanta Symphony in music by one of today's leading composers
Pergolesi Stabat Mater Naive V30406Alessandrini and Concerto Italiano in a fine recording on one of Europe's best labels.
R. Strauss Orchestral Works Brilliant Classics 7591If you like Strauss, try this super-bargain reissue with Kempe and Staatskapelle Dresden
Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto Sony Classical SH 94832A treat for fans of Joshua Bell and Michael Tilson Thomas (with the Berlin P.O.)
Respighi Ancient Airs and Dances Mercury Living Presence470 637-2Sublime remastering for CD-SACD of Dorati's original recording from 1958
Arvo PartLamentate ECM New Series B0005056With the Hilliard Ensemble; a favorite with some WTJU announcers


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Artist/GroupRelease TitleLabel Release Date
Bill FrisellEast WestNonesuch08/18/2005
Thelonious MonkWith John Coletrane At Carnegie HallBlue Note09/29/2005
Garage A TroisOutre MerTelarc07/28/2005
Ilona KnopflerLive The LifeMack Avenue07/14/2005
William ParkerLuc's LanternThristy Ear03/24/2005
City Rhythm OrchestraVibrant TonesLime House06/23/2005
Dee Dee BridgewaterJ'au Deux AmoursSovereign Artists09/29/2005
Oregon Hill Funk All-StarsBackbeat Sacrificeself produced02/17/2005
Charlie HadenNot In Our NameVerve08/25/2005
Dafnis PrietoAbout The MonksZoho02/17/2005
Freddy ColeThis Love Of MineHighNote06/16/2005
Grazyna AuguscikThe LightGMA02/17/2005
Luiz BonfaSolo In Rio 1959Smithsonian Folkways04/28/2005
Connie EvingsonGypsy In My SoulMinnehana03/17/2005
Hank JonesFor My FatherJustin Time06/02/2005
John ScofieldThat's What I SayVerve05/26/2005
The Vandermark 5The Color Of MemoryAtavistic10/27/2005
Brad MehldauDay Is DoneNonesuch10/13/2005
Curtis StigersThink It's Going To Rain TodayConcord04/21/2005
Dave WecklMultiplicityStretch06/16/2005
Kevin MahoganyBig BandMahogany02/03/2005
The Hot Club Of San FranciscoPostcards From GypsylandLost Wax Records03/31/2005
Various ArtistsOur New Orleans 2005Nonesuch12/15/2005
Craig KleinNew Orleans TrombonismsRugalator01/06/2005
Marian McPartland85 Candles - Live In New YorkConcord04/28/2005
Mark ShermanOne Step CloserCAP09/15/2005
William ParkerSound UnityAum Fidelity06/30/2005
Dave HollandOvertimeDare2/ Sunnyside02/24/2005
Eddie PalmieriListen Here!Concord06/09/2005
Hod O'BrienBlues Alley - First SetReservoir04/14/2005
Joel HarrisonHarrison On HarrisonHighNote11/17/2005
Lorraine FeatherDooji WoojiSanctuary05/19/2005
Pyeng ThreadgillOf The AirRandom Chance11/03/2005
Odyssey The BandBack In TimePi Recordings12/15/2005
Peter ApfelbaumIt Is WrittenACT11/03/2005
Poncho SanchezDo It!Concord08/11/2005
Wayne ShorterBeyond The Sound BarrierVerve06/09/2005
Doug WambleBluestateMarsalis/ Rounder05/12/2005
Gerald WilsonIn My TimeMack Avenue09/15/2005
Jamie CullumCatching TalesVerve10/20/2005
Joshua RedmanMomentumNonesuch06/02/2005
New Orleans Jazz VipersLive On Frenchman Streetself produced03/17/2005
Dena DeroseA Walk In The ParkMaxJazz05/26/2005
Houston PersonAll SoulHighNote11/03/2005
Joshua RedmanSF Jazz CollectiveNonesuch06/02/2005
Marty EhrlichNews On The RailPalmetto10/13/2005
Scott AmendolaBelieveCryptogramophone06/16/2005
Sonny RollinsWithout A Song The 9/11 ConcertMilestone08/25/2005
Greg AbateHorace Is HereKoko Jazz03/10/2005
Jason MoranSame MotherBlue Note02/10/2005
Jenny Scheinman12 SongsCryptogramophone09/29/2005
John EllisOne Foot In The SwampHyena03/17/2005
Kurt RosenwinkelDeep SongVerve03/10/2005
The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz OrchestraLive At MCGMCG07/21/2005
Bebo ValdesBebo De CubaCalle5409/22/2005
Don FriedmanTimeless441 Records11/24/2005
Maceo ParkerSchool's In!BHM09/29/2005
Ximo TebarGoes BlueSunnyside07/21/2005


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Artist/GroupRelease TitleLabel Release Date
Sharon Jones & The Dap-KingsNaturallyDaptone02/25/2009
Bobby PurifyBetter To Have ItProper07/08/2009
James Blood UlmerBirthrightHyena06/24/2009
Sam CookeAt The Harlem Square ClubSony/ BMG/ RCA10/21/2009
Otis TaylorBelow The FoldTelarc09/02/2009
Ronnie Earl & Duke RobillardThe Duke Meets The EarlStony Plain03/18/2009
Bill WithersJust As I AmColumbia10/28/2009
Solomon BurkeMake Do With What You GotShout Factory03/25/2009
The Blind Boys Of AlabamaAtom BombReal World03/25/2009
Otis ClayRespect YourselfBlind Pig04/01/2009
Tab BenoitFever For The BayouTelarc04/01/2009
Buddy GuyBring 'Em InSilvertone09/30/2009
Roomful Of BluesStanding Room OnlyAlligator01/07/2009
Hubert SumlinAbout Them ShoesTone-Cool03/18/2009
Sam CookeNight BeatSony/ BMG/ RCA10/21/2009
Al GreenEverything's OkBlue Note03/25/2009
Marcia BallLive! Down The RoadAlligator04/29/2009
Chicago Blues ReunionBuried Alive In The BluesOut The Box07/22/2009
Lou PrideKeep On BelievingSevern09/16/2009
AngelWhere Have You Been?Angel Music12/02/2009
Corey HarrisDaily BreadRounder06/10/2009
Angela StrehliBlue HighwayM.C. Records09/16/2009
Otis RushAll Your Love I Miss LovingDemark12/16/2009
The Lee BoysSay Yes!Arhoolie04/22/2009
Julian FauthSongs Of Vice And SorrowElectro-Fi11/18/2009
Little Charlie & The NightcatsNine LivesAlligator04/29/2009
Duwayne BurnsideUnder PressureB C Records04/29/2009
Little Milton CampbellThink Of MeTelarc05/27/2009
Robert CrayTwentySanctuary09/02/2009
Taj MahalThe EssentialColumbia09/09/2009
John HammondIn Your Arms AgainBack Porch02/04/2009
Sharon Jones & The Dap-KingsDap-Dippin'Daptone06/10/2009
Ellis HooksGodson Of SoulEvidence08/12/2009
Mem ShannonI'm From PhunkvilleNorthernblues08/19/2009
Kurt CrandallTrue StoryRelevant Records05/27/2009
Danny Gatton & Tom PrincipatoOh No! - More Blazing TelecastersPowerhouse07/01/2009
Johnny AdamsThe Great Johnny Adams Blues AlbumRounder11/04/2009
Rosco GordonNo Dark In AmericaSkuntry02/04/2009
Ana PopovicAna! Live In AmsterdamRuf08/05/2009

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