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Kandioura Drame & Umberto Sales on Radio Tropicale

Kandioura Drame & Umberto Sales on Radio Tropicale
Host: Bruce Penner
January 10, 2007 Noon-2:00 PM

Tune in for a special show on Cheikh Lo's album "Lamp Fall," with special guests Kandioura Drame, Professor of French at UVa, and Umberto Sales, Charlottesville's Brazilian-born guitarist.

Please join Bruce for his first special program on Radio Tropicale after his return from 2 weeks of music study in Senegal. This program will focus on Cheikh Lo's stunning album of 2006, entitled "Lamp Fall," which is also the name of the central mosque of the Muslim Sufi sect known in Senegal as the Mouridiyya. This mosque dominates the Mouride holy city of Touba, and is used as a symbol by Cheikh Lo to celebrate his faith and the wider Senegalese culture throughout this album. Is this the same tack taken by Youssou N'Dour in his Grammy award "Egypt" album? Prof. Drame will tell us.

This album is also fascinating because of its use of both Senegalese and Brazilian musicians, many of the latter coming from 'Berto Sale's home state of Bahia, which has long been the center of Afro-Brazilian culture.

How does this all come together? Please tune in to find out as Bruce and his returning guests, Kandioura Drame and Umberto Sales, examine the album "Lamp Fall" on Jan 10 starting at noon on WTJU, 91.1 FM; the Sound Choice in Central Virginia.

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