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Buck Howdy on Tell Us A Tale

Buck Howdy on Tell Us A Tale
Sunday, May 13, 2007 at High Noon

Buck Howdy

Cowboy Buck Howdy and cowgirl sidekick, BB, will hitch their horses outside the WTJU studios for a spell, while they mosey on in for a visit with Peter. Like all good singing cowboys, Buck is bound to pull out his guitar for a few live tunes round the campfire. Afterwards he and BB will head over to the Gravity Lounge for a special afternoon family show.

Reviewers from the Los Angeles Times to the Washington Post and many in between have tried to describe Buck Howdy: he's been called "the nexus of Roy Rogers, Will Rogers and Mr. Rogers," described as "a cross between Roy Rogers and Shrek," or "Gene Autry meets Dr. Demento!" And while there's a nugget of truth in each of those depictions, they miss the obvious - Buck Howdy is simply an overgrown kid with an over-sized talent for entertaining.

"Buck Howdy is kind of like your big brother's wisecracking friend or your favorite "fun" uncle -- you know, the one with the water-squirting ring and the whoopee cushion."

The bottom line? Whether in big cities or small towns kids and their parents adore Buck Howdy.

"Buck Howdy is irresistibly charming!" - Copley News Service

His current release, Giddyup!, featuring a passel of original songs plus duets with Laurie Berkner and Trout Fishing in America, has not only garnered rave reviews it is one of only four music cds honored as a 2006 Notable Children's Recording by the American Library Association. His next cd, CHICKENS!, featuring Buck and cowgirl sidekick, BB will be released this summer.

But he's more than just a singer. Howdy hosts his own radio program, on XM Satellite Radio and dozens of local stations. He created and stars in a series of Emmy Award winning television interstitials titled Buck Howdy's Hayride. In fact, a half-dozen of his videos are staples of the programming on Noggin, Nickelodeon's pre-school channel.

Buck has performed multiple times at The White House at the Grand Ole Opry, and in hundreds of concerts at schools, state fairs and performing arts centers from coast to coast.

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